1st Grade, Activity 247: Understand Place Value

Compare two two-digit numbers based on meanings of the tens and ones digits, recording the results
of comparisons with the symbols >, =, and <.

Compare Two

  • Group: Whole Class/Alone
  • Materials: Compare Two sheet, large index cards, counters

Instruct students to use counters to make groups of 6 and 7. Ask them which group has more. (The group of 7.)
Point out that since the two groups are not equal, and there are more in a group of 7 than in a group of 6, we say 7
is greater than 6, or 6 is less than 7. Give each student a Compare Two sheet. For each number on the sheet, the
teacher writes two numbers on the board at a time. Students copy the two numbers on the lines of their sheet for
each problem. The teacher informs students which number to write on the first line. Instruct students to circle the
appropriate phrase and write <, =, > in between the numbers to tell which number is less than, greater than, or
equal to the other. Have students share their answers with the class when everyone completes the assignment

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