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Common Core Math Activities

Hazel Russell has been in education for over five decades, teaching everything from Grades 1 to Algebra 1. Mrs. Russell is a respected authority of mathematics curriculum development, instruction, and alternative assessment strategies. Her work with New Standards, a national consortium of public school districts and state education departments, buoyed her desire to create engaging math activities that will motivate and involve ALL students in the learning process.

Common Core Math Activities provide essential mathematics components such as a hands-on approach, conceptual development, differentiated instruction, problem-solving, and reasoning skills. Common Core Math Activities do just what they are expected to do: ease teachers’ struggles to implement the Common Core Mathematics Standards and enhance students’ learning.

States using math standards based on the Common Core Mathematics Standards will find an activity for each of these standards, making Common Core Math Activities in complete alignment with the Common Core Mathematics Standards.

The Common Core Mathematics Standards seek to develop students’ math understanding and procedural skills. Common Core Math Activities accomplish these specifications by its blended assortment of activities that showcase qualities that help students develop conceptual understanding, strengthen their mathematical reasoning, and refine their problem-solving skills. Finally, a resource that includes activities for each Common Core Mathematics Standard!